Another busy week

So as I sit here at the eye doctor, waiting to have my old mom eyes checked lists start going through my head. Rodeo this weekend, rodeo last weekend, rodeo the weekend before that…trailer tire blew…pulled the wiring so no lights….taught the youngest how to change a tire…made it home at 11:30 when my day started at 2 am…. but that’s all in the past. Are the horses in shape and ready for a third weekend in a row for rodeo? Should I have supplemented them differently? All of this and more is going through my head while I sit. Seriously, this is why sitting is overrated!

How on Earth did I ever keep going before I started Thrive? Let me tell you, I didn’t. I’d sit in my chair and fall asleep. It didn’t matter if it was 1 in the afternoon or 8 at night. I fell asleep. Actually to think about it last time I sat here at the eye doctors I kinda took a little snooze. But not today. Today I am ready to go! Thanks to Thrive! Don’t think of this as a sales pitch, because it’s not. It’s a life change. I made the choice to do better for myself and Thrive is helping me do that. It’s up to you to make that choice, I can’t tell you what to do. But I can tell you that you won’t regret it and I’m upset with myself that it too me so long.

So everybody be safe this weekend. Ride hard, Ride fast, Ride safe. And remember to THRIVE! Your body and your family will thank you! Set up your free account, watch the video, ask a question, shoot place an order and give it a try. You deserve to feel your best!